Taking Care of Business…and Your People

Guiding Their Next Move

You know the importance of taking care of your employees. The Career Spa team is compassionate and thoughtful in their approach to partnering with organizations. We partner with you to understand your priorities and the needs of your people as they transition to new beginnings. It can be tough, and we get that. Our team has the experience and tools to make a positive impact on their experience, and help people build confidence to find the next step in their career.


We can help with a smooth transition.

A Fresh Start

Our Career Transition Services provide employees leaving your organization with the tools, encouragement, and accountability to be successful with their job search. The Career Spa team is experienced and shares effective strategies to assist people in finding their career “sweet spot”. Individuals who participate in our program build more confidence, rediscover their core values, and gain clarity on the best approach to next steps in their job search.

A partnership with Career Spa means an investment in your people to grow and transition with dignity; and gives you the confidence to focus on your business.

Why Career Spa?

We deliver a career guidance solution that builds confidence, inspires action, and rejuvenates careers.


  • Relevant curriculum shaped (and updated regularly) by our talent acquisition and career transition experts
  • Interactive workshops with just the right sized group for optimal discussion and take-aways
  • Build confidence and help job seekers be more efficient, focused, and held accountable to job search goals
  • Develop networking skills, build new connections, and extend their support system
  • Track and measure individual job search metrics to review activity and adjust strategy as needed
  • Customized one-one-one coaching with a certified coach


Career Spa Packages


Interactive workshop delivering the latest job search content including effective resumes, networking, and social media tips. Designed to build confidence, inspire action, and lead to the best results for each participant!

Select between packages offering 5 or 10 individual coaching sessions, tailored to their specific job search needs.

Resume and LinkedIn Review



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