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Success Stories at Career Spa

Learn more about the testimonials and success stories at Career Spa. We are passionate about your success.





Pam Beckerman
Career Spa Participant

Pam Beckerman worked as a senior human resource executive. Due to her firm's merger with other company she faced the challenging task of finding her next career move. As a Career Spa participant she received expert advice from trusted and experienced coaches to help her through career transition.

Lean more about her background and her experience with Career Spa by watching her video testimonial.




Cindy Cheatham
Career Spa Participant

Cindy has been successful as an established business and entrepreneurial leader. After graduating from Harvard business school she worked in various leadership roles. She spent almost 10 years with Atlanta Technology Development Center.

As a Career Spa participant she was exposed to a plethora of opportunities and and received counsel to focus her job search most effectively.




Kevin Guthrie
Career Spa Participant

Kevin Guthrie is a sales and marketing executive with over 25 years of success in the pharmaceutical markets. After a recent company acquisition, he wanted to continue his career in the Atlanta market instead of making a geographic move. Career Spa had the pleasure of working with Kevin to prepare him for marketing himself for his next move.




Rosalyn Robinson
Career Spa Participant

Roselyn Robinson has worked in Accounting for 9 years mostly in the Healthcare industry. Most recently she was employed with Physician Oncology Services as a Receivable Resolution Specialist.




Daniel Medley
Career Spa Participant

Daniel is a senior supply chain leader with industry experience of almost 25 years. He was a Project Manager with his last employer for almost 9 years when he decided to proactively make a career move.

Career Spa helped him by providing the right tools and resources for his career transition. His coach and our team of experts were instrumental in making this change happen.

Charles Tippett
Career Spa Participant

Letter from Charles to Tom -
"Hi Tom:
I wanted to drop you a note to reiterate my thankfulness to you and the entire CareerSpa team. Mid-Career transition is such a tough process and is loaded with so many conflicting ideas and emotions that it really takes skill and preparedness to help a person like myself and get them redirected in the shortest amount of time possible. I know personally that when my career path was continually climbing, there was a certain amount of smugness, albeit unintentional, that came from feeling as though something like this could never happen to me. Then, when it did, I was totally unprepared and it felt something like (what I imagine to be) falling from an airplane with no parachute. You know you are going to hit, you know it is going to be hard and you don’t think you will ever recover so you just close your eyes and pretend it isn’t happening."

Mike Bode
Letter from Mike in his own words to Career Spa team -
"Tom and Susan:
I just accepted a job offer to work with CareerBuilder in Norcross starting on July 6th as a Reporting Analyst. I wanted to personally thank you and all the presenters for the wealth of information I received during my couple of sessions in Career Spa. The T cover letter was particularly effective in getting me interviews and I felt prepared and confident when it came time to sell myself. I got fantastic traffic to my resume and discovered that I enjoy networking. My only regret is that the offer happened so quickly, I didn't get to try out a lot of the suggestions. I would recommend Career Spa to anyone looking for an outplacement service. I'm really excited to be part of the HR and recruitment industry. I can't think of a better feeling than helping someone change their lives by finding a great new job."
Mike Bode