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The Tuesday session was valuable:  Connecting with you and the rest of the team face-to-face; networking with other participants; helpful program content; and the encouragement that came from the genuine person interest I sensed from you & the team.

Mick S., COO, global non-profit organization



“Career Spa has qualified coaches that are vibrant, positive, balanced and current. “

– Vicki R., global technology solutions company



“Even an experienced job searcher can benefit from a disciplined, comprehensive process that helps you not skip important steps and to make speedy progress, well worth the investment.”

– Cindy C., business development manager, research institution



"The staff is resourceful, supportive, and empowering. They energize people to move forward with their careers - employing the latest techniques for conducting a search and building and leveraging one's network."

– Pam B., Vice President of HR, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce



"Recently, I had the privilege of attending the two day seminar presented by Career Spa. I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and knowledge conveyed by the staff."

– Benjamin D., Controller, metal industry



Current, Comprehensive and Cost Effective

What if you had a cost effective way to help transitioning employees? During a restructuring or downsizing, offering career transition guidance and support conveys the message your organization cares about their well being. It also helps to maintain the morale of those employees who remain, minimizing the impact that can result from a reduction in force.

Career Spa, LLC is focused on the individual and provides best practices, one-on-one coaching, encouragement and accountability to your employees who are being affected by a corporate downsizing.


Traditional Outplacement Firms
Curriculum built years ago by PhD’s Curriculum consistently updated by Nationally Recognized Recruiting and Career Transition Experts
Expensive and largely ineffective! Low cost for employer, effective for participant
Workshops in stale rooms Workshops in state-of-the-art classrooms, utilizing existing space for environmental responsibility
Focus on offering office space for email and phone networking Focus on connecting out in the professional community. Get out and network! Stay positive and focused!
Don’t know how long it takes a seeker in their program to get a job! Metrics tracked and reported focused on individual needs
Generic, one-size-fits-all approach, that is largely ineffective Customized one-on-one coaching.


Renovated and Re-energized!

Career Spa’s 10-week program will Sharpen their focus, Polish up their approach and equip them to AMAZE the Hiring Managers at their target companies!

The Proposed 10-week SPA Program line-up:

Week 1
A 2 hour, one-on-one, in-person meeting with one of our career coaches. During this session, they will get to know their coach, discuss their goals for the program, address any emotional roadblocks (if they were involved in a layoff), and get ready to move forward and attend the first workshop.

Week 2
The first all-day, interactive workshop covering best practices in Career Assessment (what role are they seeking?), Job Search strategies (effective advice for how to get in front of their target companies), and Resume Building (today’s teachings on resume formats that get traction). Additionally, we’ll cover topics such as how to leverage social networks like LinkedIn, how to work a room at a networking function, how to equip their network to best help them get connected, and which job boards (if any!) would be most effective for them. The workshop will be led by two senior recruiting and career transition experts!

Also, during the second week, they will have a 1 hour coaching session with their coach by phone to discuss the workshop homework, next steps, and any issues or challenges that have surfaced.

Week 3
A 2 hour session by phone with their coach to review and finalize their resume, and discuss accountability issues and encouragement.

A 2 hour session in person with their coach and Workshop Team. Their Workshop Team will be a group of fellow job seekers who participated in the workshop. The coach will enable their group to help each other with leads, encouragement, and accountability.

Week 4
The second all-day, interactive workshop covering best practices in Interviewing techniques and an overview of how to select the right opportunity in line with their Career Assessment, how to negotiate an offer, and how to start their new career opportunity! Again, the workshop will be led by two senior recruiting and career transition experts!

Weeks 4 through 10 (each week)
A 1 hour session by phone with their coach to discuss accountability issues and encouragement

A 2 hour session in person with their coach and Workshop Team to continue sharing leads and keeping each member of the group encouraged and accountable.

It’s time to AMAZE their new employer!

Learn more about each the Career Spa program offerings

For more information or for questions, contact us at Info@CareerSpa.net or call us at 770-633-5242.